Friday, October 12, 2018

GameStorming: Shadow of the Demon Lord + After the Bomb or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I've been thinking about mixing the Shadow of the Demon Lord (SotDL) Engine to run Palladium RPGs, in this case, I'm looking at using it for After The Bomb (AtB) or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I've used the Human Ancestry as a base and used the AfB species description to adjust ability scores and the skill system for professions.

Here is a level 2 Bantam Chicken Warrior

Strength 11 (+1)       Agility 10 (+0) 
Intellect 10 (+0)       Will 11 (+1)
Perception 10 (+0)   Defense 12 (Leather)
Health 15                  Healing Rate 3
Speed 10                   Size 1
Languages and Professions 
   Common Tongue; Artisan, Mechanic
Catch Your Breath You can use an action
   or a triggered action on your turn to heal 
   damage equal to your healing rate. Once 
   you use this talent, you cannot use it again 
   until after you complete a rest.
Weapon Training When attacking with a 
   weapon, you make the attack roll with 1 boon.


Baseball Bat (melee) +1 with 1 boons (1d6)
Machine Pistol (range 35) +0 with 1 boons (2d6)
Talons (melee) +1 with 1 boons (1d3)

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