Sunday, October 7, 2018

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Black Phillip

Black Phillip is malevolent hellish being, he sews death and chaos and seeks women to sign his book and become a witch.

Black Phillip          DIFFICULTY 100
Size 1 frightening monster
Perception  14 (+4); darksight
Defense 14; Health 75
Strength 16 (+6) Agility 14 (+4) 
Intellect 14 (+4) Will 14 (+4)
Speed 12
Immune damage from disease or poison; gaining 
   Insanity; dazed, fatigued, frightened, immobilized, 
   impaired, poisoned, slowed, stunned
Spell Defense A demon takes half damage from spells 
   and makes any challenge roll to resist a spell with 
   1 boon. A creature attacking the demon with a spell 
   makes its attack roll with 1 bane.
Foment Discord Once per round, Black Phillip can 
   use a triggered action on his turn to make a Will 
   attack roll against the Will of one target creature 
   within medium range of it. On a success, the target 
   becomes consumed by hate for 1 round.While 
   consumed by hate, it must take the first turn it can 
   and use an action to charge or make an attack with 
   a weapon against a target chosen by Black Phillip.

Horns (melee) +6 with 3 boons (3d6)

Bull Rush Black Phillip moves up to twice his 
   Speed. Once at any point during this 
   movement, it attacks with its horns. On a 
   success, the target takes 2d6 extra damage 
   and falls prone.
Sweeping Horns When a creature moves into 
   Black Phillip's reach, he can use his triggered 
   action to attack the triggering creature with his

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