Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Darkest Dungeons: Swine Chopper for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Many years ago, when the Ancestor still had a small vestige of human decency left within him, he decided to use pigs as test subjects for his grim experiments rather than humans. Since the flesh of pigs is so similar to that of humans, they made nearly perfect vessels for the eldritch entities he was attempting to summon via blood magic and dark rituals. Many of the pigs that were possessed by these unspeakable horrors began to walk upright and gained more human-like features and intelligence, while others became weak and misshapen wretches -- the lucky ones, that is. Those specimens unfortunate enough to have been neglected and forgotten were left as little more than twisted piles of undulating, misshapen flesh.

When the Ancestor discovered the ancient Warrens, he repurposed them into a dumping grounds for his most underwhelming results and disappointing failures. By the time the Heir arrives, the Warrens have become home to the descendants of those experiments called The Swinefolk, a warrior race of pig people whose sole desire is to butcher and feed on any human they can get their hoofed claws on.

This large, brutish and disgusting hybrid of man and pig is the one of the more common and healthier specimens of the Swinefolk, serving simultaneously as meat butchers and warriors. When not ferociously butchering the cold and mangled flesh of his soon-to-be dinner, the Swine Chopper will happily test its bloody, serrated cleaver upon the bodies of naive adventurers who might happen upon its squalid home. Slow and hulking, the Chopper relies on its trusty ball and chain to end tiresome chases with ruthless and brain-splattering efficiency.

Swine Chopper          DIFFICULTY 10
Size 1 frightening swinefolk
Perception  10 (+0); shadowsight
Defense 12 (hard leather); Health 25
Strength 13 (+3) Agility 10 (+0) 
Intellect   8 (-2) Will         9 (-1)
Speed 10

Ball and Chain (melee or short range) +3 (1d6+2 
   plus the target is Dazed until the end of it's next 
   turn on attack roll of 20+)

Butcher Cut (melee) +3 (1d6 plus Bleeding on 
   attack roll of 20+)
Bleeding The target must make a Str challenge 
   roll with 1 bane. On a failure, it takes 1d3 
   damage. At the end of each round, a bleeding
   creature must make a Strength challenge roll. 
   On a failure, it takes 1d3 damage. On a 
   successes, the creatures wound stops bleeding.
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