Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: H is for Hex 0202

Each Hex is 6 miles, and I used Hexographer to create my map.

The Duchy of Saint Cuthbert dominates the region, with Duchess Katarina Malifaux's (DnD5: 4th Level Human Fiendish Pact Warlock; DnD B/X: 4th Level Magic-User) estate, Highpoint, Sherwald Keep, and the village of Brighten to the east. The Duchess has been a widow for five winters now and her subjects have grown to accept her situation, though rumors persist that she murdered the Duke and was seduced by her court magician, Verilous the Wise (DnD5: 5th Level Human Abjuration Wizard; DnD B/X: 5th Level Magic-User)

Sherwald Keep is the headquarters and training facility for the Royal Guard, led by Captain Morgan Stroud (DnD5: 3rd Level Human Champion Fighter; DnD B/X: 3rd Level Fighter).

Brighten is a town of 400, with much of it's industry directed at raising cotton and shearing wool. There are several public houses and inns, with Plum's having the best mead and Mistress Luvelda Mor's (Young Bronze Dragon) bordello, The Orchard, is renowned for it's culinary and carnel delights.

To the west is a peculiar monolith with ancient carvings that opens into an underground temple. Three years ago, a Wyrmlaird named Utark Firedrinker (DnD5: 7th Level Human Red Draconic Sorcerer; DnD B/X: 7th Level Magic-User) came to the Duchy and began recruiting members into his cult dedicated to Nilat the Corrupter (an aspect of Tiamat), know as the Corrupted. He had advanced knowledge of the temple and has been using it as their meeting place and base of operations. The cult has grown to 23 members and have managed to secure a blue dragon egg and are attempting to hatch it.

Terrain is a mix of green fields with sheep and cattle grazing and swaths of farm lands growing corn, cotton, wheat, and barley.

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