Monday, April 17, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: M is for Hex 0301

Each Hex is 6 miles, and I used Hexographer to create my map.

Pseudodragons call the light forests of the entire region their home and occasionally students from the Hexenschulle can be found looking homing to locate one as a familiar.

Anyone in the region should be weary of the fine and deadly webs of ettercaps waiting to trap their prey.

Moving southwest, following the Leiber River, trappers continually warn of the threat of Naya, a banshee that has haunted the River's eastern banks for 200 yars. Legends say that a Naya was a tiefling girl whose fiancee drowned her after discovering her fiendish heritage.

 is an ancient ring of 13 standing stones, each 15 feet tall and 8 feet wide and covered in oaths to a being known as Bavmorda in Sylvan. At the base of the 7th standing stone is an emerald statuette carved to look like an owl, lightly covered by dirt.

The statuette will offer a pact to whoever finds it, allowing Bavmorda, an ancient hag, to become their Archfey Warlock Patron if accepted.

To the south is a small pond, a secret holy place blessed by Sehanine. and nestled within a light forest. Any Good person who bathes in it's waters for 1 hour experiences the benefit of a Long Rest and a Greater Restoration spell being cast upon them. A Neutral person experiences the benefit of a Short Rest for the same amount of time. A Good or Neutral character cannot regain these benefits until 30 days have passed. A unicorn (it will be resurrected at dawn if killed) who protects the pond will attack any Evil person. An Evil person who drinks from or bathes in the pond gain 1d6 levels of Exhaustion.

Terrain is light forests and grasslands.

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