Saturday, April 8, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: G is for Hex 0201

Each Hex is 6 miles, and I used Hexographer to create my map.


To the north are the ruins of an ancient ziggurat that several noted scholars, including the Old Empire's Mon Quell (DnD5: Half-Elf Sage; DnD B/X: 1st level Magic-User) of the Imperial Historical Society, attribute to the worship Zehir. They believe it was once known as Va-Zeno Tor, which means "Stairway to Darkness", and was constructed by yuan-ti millennia ago. The majority of the structure is believed to have sunken underground centuries ago after a massive earthquake. Gruf Shadowglass (DnD5: 7th Level Mountain Dwarf Battle Master Fighter; DnD B/X: 7th Level Dwarf), a member of the Company of the Gryphon, says he is the last survivor of an expedition to the ziggurat, where he and his companions faced yuan-ti spectres and derro guarding a withered and blind beholder, it's guardians referred to as Avo.

To the southeast, along the Leiber River, is the fortified town of Dunsany, which marks the northernmost border of the Duchy of Saint Cuthbert. The town's primary commerce involves shipping and receiving goods to and from Jarlsburg to the northwest along the river. Baroness Fionna Crough (DnD5: Human Noble)is the current ruler, but the young woman actively takes counsel from Seeress Octavia d'Unlow (DnD5: 1st Level Human Knowledge Cleric of Ioun; DnD B/X: 1st Level Cleric)and Leftenant Angus Stroud (DnD5: 2nd Level Human Fighter; DnD B/X: 2nd Level Fighter), a member of the Duchess' Royal Guard and head of the town's yeomen.

In the hills to the west, a roc fills the sky, it's nest of broken trees dominating Bulger Hill.

Terrain is a mix of grasslands and steep hills.

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