Sunday, April 9, 2017

Villains & Vigilantes: Chiarscuro

I backed the Villains and Vigilantes 3.0 Mighty Protectors Kickstarter and received the advanced PDF a few weeks ago.
I finally got around to making a character and I have to say I'm impressed. I tried running VnV 2E back in the day and I wasn't ready for the "old school" mindset.

This version of the rules preserves that mindset, while unifying everything.

I also appreciate a Supers game where I don't have to roll 15d6 (and count them for Stun and Body) and that has Hit Points.

Codename Chiaroscuro

Name Ethan Clark
Birthplace Union, KY
Species Human
Culture Modern
Age 20
Gender Male

Strength 10

   Save 10
   Carrying Capacity 60 lbs.
   Base HtH Damage d4
Endurance 12
   Save 11
Agility 18
   Save 12 (+4 to Hit)
Intelligence 14
   Save 11
Cool 16
   Save 11
   Initiative d6+1
Hit Points 11
Healing Rate 1.6

Power 54

Physical Defense 2
Mental Defense 1
Movement 14
Inventing Points 7
Weight 170 lbs.
Mass Roll d6

Background (Police Sketch Artist)

   Law +4
   Commercial Art +4
   Mysticism +4
Motivation Justice
Wealth d4

Origin Mystical Accident

Offensive Abilities
   Heightened Attack 20/ Specialized (Power Blast)
   Power Blast 20/ 2d10+9 damage, 11" range (Costs 1 PR)
Defensive Abilities
   Experience Levels 10/ +1 to Hit, Defense, and Skill Bonuses
   Personal Force Field 20/ Kinetic, Energy, Bio, and Entropy 6
      Threshold 36 (Costs 16 PR)
Miscellaneous Abilities
   Dimensional Travel 20/ Travel to Mystic Realms (Costs 5 PR)
   Revivication 10/ Task Check 10, 2d4 turns (Costs 24 PR)
   Distinctive (Silver Hair with a Black Stripe) 10
   Phobia (Fear of snakes) 10

Ethan Clark's parents always wanted him to become a lawyer, and he tried, he even went to Law School, even though he loved his Art classes more. And investigating the paranormal kept calling to him, he and his friends even formed an amateur society to do it together. They'd gotten wind of a cult operating in the woods within an hour of their hometown and decided to check it out. However, as they approached the cult, six goth teenagers chanting, smoking, and drinking around a fire, something with wings landed out of the sky and began ripping the teens apart. Ethan froze, while his friends were smart enough to run. The winged being, all pale skin, angular features and shadowy wings locked eyes with him and he passed out. When he woke up his hair had turned silver, except for a slight streak of black.

Over the next few weeks, he began to have weird visions and strange nightmares. Eventually, he would wake up in his nightmares and realized he could move through dimensions. This led him study Magick, real spells that allowed him conjure energy, create a personal shield, and even bring the dead back to life. Eventually, he met a real Sorcerer and Super Hero, Doctor Verboten, a member of the Regulators who took him under his wing.

These days, Ethan, who adopted the codename Chiarscuro, is going to Law School part-time, working for the Metro Police as a sketch artist and keep an eye out for that mysterious winged being.

His parents are getting over it, but he's pretty sure they'd freakout more over his new identity.

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