Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: I is for Hex 0203

Each Hex is 6 miles, and I used Hexographer to create my map.


The Duchy of Saint Cuthbert continues to dominate the region, to the north is the Hexehschule, one of the most prominent schools of arcane magic on the continent. It is run by Mastermage Viola Putin (DnD 5: Level 11 Female Half-Elf Trasnmutation Wizard; DnD B/X: Level 11 Magic-User). Several years ago, Emperor Creed XI's 8th son, Herodotus, enrolled at the school. Since then, many noble families have tried numerous methods to get their children enrolled, hoping to curry favor with a (distant) heir to the throne. However, Putin has no time for such nonsense and neither does Herodotus who hopes to make a name for himself as an arcane researcher.

Adventurers can often find work at the school by participating in an experiment, providing security for an experiment, seeking particular spell components, or hunt down a rogue experiment.

The Harkness is a secret society that has been existence for 2 centuries and is the worst kept secret in the Duchy. While there are many nefarious rumors surrounding it, the members spend most of their time playing practical jokes on non-members and a production of the King In Yellow each Summer Solstice.

To the east is Hommlet, a village of nearly 150 souls. Most who live in the Duchy have heard bawdy tales of the Inn of the Welcome Wench and the adventurers it attracts from the west and south. There is also a church of Pelor here known as Sun's Gate, which rumors claim has 1 of the 4 Dawnstars hidden under it's cornerstone. Sun's Gate is served by Radiant Servant Maderia Romney (DnD 5: Level 4 Female Human Life Cleric; DnD B/X: Level 4 Cleric), Crusader Garren Hoff (DnD 5: Level 2 Male Half-Orc Paladin; DnD B/X: Level 2 Fighter), and Maderia's Acolyte, Viola Thurston (DnD 5: Level 11 Female Half-Elf Acolyte). A Druid devoted to Pelor, Egar Mortenson (DnD 5: Level 3 Male Circle of the Grassland Druid; DnD B/X: Level 3 Cleric) keeps a close watch the surrounding area.

Just south of the village is a ruined moathouse that has become the home of a pack of gnolls. The village is very concerned and has put up a 5 gp reward for driving the monsters out of the area.

South of Hommlet is the small village (less than 80 people) of Nulb whose folk have long been known for their uncertainty for strangers and peculiar ways. Egar has noticed some strange newcomers in the area who seem to be making in-roads within the village. While he has not witnessed anything untoward, he finds the strangers slightly unnerving.

Terrain is dominated by farm lands growing corn, cotton, wheat, and barley and the occasional ruin from a bygone era.

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