Friday, April 7, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: E is for Hex 0105

Each Hex is 6 miles, and I used Hexographer to create my map.

To the east is the fishing village of Covenant which was founded 70 years ago by expatriates of the Old Empire fleeing from Emperor Annex LXXVIII's  genocide of Hondrus.
   Life in the swamps surrounding the Leiber River is tough, but the village has 70 residents and has survived by digging in and putting up a fight. There is no mayor or sheriff, as the people in the village watch each other's back, yet keep out of each other's business. Additionally, strangers in Covenant aren't welcome for more than a day or two, unless they are formally asked to stay by at least 2 of the 5 village Elders (Anna Maria Espinoza, Juanita Morales, Luciana Morado, Camila Marin, and Ana Ortega).

To the southwest is the Vurt, a tribe of bullywugs, ruled by Roi Krane. The Vurt have been converted to the worship of Wastri by Janus Zon (DnD5: 2nd Level Male Human Bard; DnD B/X: 2nd Level Thief), who has become Krane's advisor and is also a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Zon's mission is to spread Suel Doctrine in the region, but found he was not welcome in Covenant at all. This led him to approach the Vurt and begin manipulating the bullywugs to sack Covenant. While the humanoids have no love of the villagers, the bullwugs have been beaten back by them so often that Zon is having a harder time than he thought mobilizing them. He's getting desperate enough that he's been formulating a plan to hire adventurers to assassinate Krane and then blame the village Elders for hiring them.

A hydra, that is known is the area as Ol' Lucky because of it's seven heads, lairs in the north in an area of the swamp that is as deep as 50 feet. Vigilant travelers immediately note the lack of sounds in the area and a subtle smell of vinegar.

Terrain is dominated mostly by thick and murky swamp. The Leiber River is a fast flowing source of fresh water filled with numerous types of wildlife.

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