Saturday, April 8, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: F is for Hex 0106

Each Hex is 6 miles, and I used Hexographer to create my map.

The Leiber River slices the region in half, to the northeast are two tribes of lizardfolk who continuously fight over territory. 
   The Greenwater Tribe are Shazak, who possess natural psionic talent with nearly 10 mystics out of 60 members. Shazak are smarter than typical lizardfolk and have built a fortified home, with rough-hewn 8 foot tall wooden walls to protect them.
   To the southeast are the Bloodhunter tribe of Lizard Kings, demon-blooded lizardfolk who are 40 strong and led by a cambion named Rek Redscale
   Last summer both tribes endured heavy casualties in their battles over territory and Rek has a new shaman, Gess Sunstealer who has promised to summon demonic reinforcements from the abyss to aid in their war. What neither Rek, nor Gess realize is that several among the Greenwater tribe have psionic talents that allow them to use clairvoyance and astral projection to spy upon their enemies. This has led the Greenwater's War Council, headed by Sha Der, to begin discussing the possibility of entreating with devils from the Nine Hells, eternal enemies of all demons in the Blood War. However, a minority within the Council's seven members have implored the tribe to seek allies amongst celestials.

West of the Leiber River is the demesne of the lich, Agatha Kavorkian. Numerous skeletons patrol her lands, brutally dealing with trespassers while Kavorkian is entrenched within her research. Rumors claim that Agatha is obsessed with creating an atropal. further rumors link her to the abduction of over 100 women in the pursuit of her goals.

Terrain is a willow, burch, and oak trees tower over the muddy and deep swamplands.

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