Sunday, June 3, 2012

Duchy of St. Cuthbert: Rumors

Inspired by Jeff's Gameblog, below are rumors circulating the Duchy. Fair warning: Some of these may be true.

Roll a d20 or pick one:

1) Duchess Katarina Malifaux-Rhyme was aided by Verilous the Wise in murdering her husband, Evard Rhyme, Duke of St. Cuthbert.

2) The Bant family has traded their eldest children to devils for generations. It is the secret of their successful crop yields, season after season.

3) Luvelda Mor, Mistress of the Orchard bordello, has slain 2 dragons in her lifetime.

4) Willy Dung was the brightest student of magic the Hexenschule had seen in close to 200 years, unfortunately, a single night in the dreaded Scholomanse on Baelia Lake left him little more than the babbling idiot he is today.

5) The Green Wraith that haunts the Wraithwood was Duke Evard's older brother, Petor. Evard murdered him so he could become Duke.

6) The Green Wraith that haunts the Wraithwood is a wood elf druid who has turned her back on Obad-Hai, and now frolics with the Black Goat during the full moon. She's taken the mantle of Cthon and seeks an appentice.

7) The Elders of the Duchy say Katarina Malifaux is a far better ruler than any member of the Rhyme family ever was.

8) Iuz the Old has an agent prowling around the Duchy.

9) Duchess Katarina has taken Tsar Huber IX of Rurik as a lover, and he granted her permission to drop the Rhyme family name since that family has no living heirs.

10) A werewolf prowls the moors east of the Hexenschule. It has claimed seven victims in the last twenty years.

11) The dwarven Seminary at Golen Hall is a staging ground for dwarves to invade the Duchy.

12) The wood elves of the Elder Forest have taken to eating humans.

13) Yeomen stationed at the garrison in Shorwald Keep say it is haunted.

14) A teenage girl in the village of Newhom who had terrible nightmares of a dragon with five heads stalking her has been kidnapped by the Parliament of Shadows.

15) Spiders, the size of wolves, known as Wraith Widows have been hunting outside the Wraithwood.

16) Abbots at the Sonnecrown Abbey have begun charging more for their services because they have lost favor with Pelor and are being granted fewer spells.

17) Duchess Katarina is building a power base here, so she may remove her sister, Belladonna as head of their family and take her place as Prime Minister of Jarlsburg, to the northwest.

18) Grimm, a prize pig raised by Neville Breck of Brighten is said to be fluent in seven languages and has taken over running the Breck farm. Some say Grimm is teaching other animals on the farm to talk and is preparing for a political appointment.

19) The ground has been trembling to the west of the Seminary at Golen Hall, close to old Blunder's Pit.

20) The Brotherhood of Bones and Teeth have returned to St. Cuthbert after over 200 years. Fisherman say to stay away from caves on the shore of Baelia Lake.

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