Saturday, June 2, 2012

D&D Next: Shadow Drake

Shadow Drake
Evil Large beast
Initiative +4
AC 14
HP 100
Str 16 (+3)     Dex 18 (+4)    Con 14 (+2)
Int 8 (-2)        Wis 15 (+2)     Cha 5 (-3)
Space/Reach 10 feet/10 feet
Speed 70 feet
Melee Attack claws +5/+5 (1d6+3 slashing/
1d6+3 slashing) and bite +5 (1d6 +3 piercing)
Special Traits incorporeal; resistance to necrotic damage; stealth +3; stealth mastery; vulnerable to radiant damage
XP 450

    Incorporeal attacks that would hit the shadow drake, but roll an odd number, miss instead.
    Resistance shadow drakes have necrotic damage halved against them.
    Stealth +3 shadow drakes are naturally stealthy.
    Stealth Mastery when rolling stealth checks, the minimum roll for a shadow drake is 10.    
    Vulnerability shadow drakes have radiant damage doubled against them.
    Combat:  Shadow drakes are smart and generally work with a handler.  They use their etheral form to ambush their prey and are well trained at attacking in tandem with their handler.  They prefer to make quick darting attacks at multiple targets.
     Habitat and Socity:  Shadow drakes are created through a magical ritual generally practiced by Cults of Nilat the Corrupter.  The process requires a quail egg and over 2 years of foul ceremonies.  Shadow drakes are easily trained and often bond with their handler.  They are very smarter, and eager to please those who handle them.
    Legend and Lore:  The seventh rib on the left side is useful as a material component in several spells.  The sage, Korwin of Nuln listed shadow drakes as trackers and assassins for Nilat's worshipers.

DnD Next is copyright Wizards of the Coast.  This a fan work and not a challenge to their copyright in any way.

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