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Duchy of St. Cuthbert: Idol of Perrin

Perrin was an city of learning in the antediluvian Empire of Zuul-Vorax.  The city grew up around the great Zel'Zophres Academy of Thamaturgy and flourished as an escape for the students and faculty of Academy and and opportunity for merchants, traders, and the daring.  It was said one could always find more than a handful of Electrum for some strange ingredient in a magical experiment...or one could be an ingredient.

For untold ages, Zel'Zophres supplied the Empire with it's most learned and capable wizards.  The Academy was renowned  for it's specialization and near perfection of the school of Divination.  The accuracy of the Diviners allowed the Empire to flourish and no wizard was greater at the art than Pherosian the Watcher.  Pherosian's greatest tool was his Eyedol, which focused and enhanced his scryings.  The wizard and the Academy were paid handsomely for his creation by several patrons and before the Master Diviner's death, he had created a total of 13 of his Eyedols.

While the Academy was under the leadership and guidance of Archmage Kelek of Tarn, relations with the empire began to deteriorate as Kelek felt Zull-Vorax needed Zel'Zophres more than he needed the Empire.  After nearly a decade of worsening relations, Kelek declared himself Overlord of the newly established City State of Perrin, the capital of the Zel-Zophres Enclave .  He used his many connections throughout the Empire to wage a guerilla war against against his enemies and even succeeded in assassinating the reigning Emperor, Jeskus the XIX.

The new Empress, Neskala the III, Jeskus's eldest daughter, responded with harsh retribution.
She ordered her High Priest, Mineld, to activate an agent he had planted several years ago, to destroy Kelek and end the threat of the Enclave.  The agent, a young woman posing as a servant named Selesia Monar, attempted to murder the Archmage while he was using an Eyedol to commune with a bound demon.  Her attack weakened his concentration and the demon slaughtered the Archmage and easily broke the wards protecting Selesia from him.  The demon was a balor named Tarnhem and Selesia's encounter left her pregnant with the cambion, Acererak.

Worried by the lack of information coming out of the Enclave about the mission, the Empress decided to unleash a final solution the the threat of Perrin.  Neskala the III, in desperation, offered to convert her Empire's Faith to the worship of Wee Jas in exchange for the destruction of Perrin and the Enclave.  The Lady of Book and Bone accepted the Empress's offer and unleashed the Tarrasque on the city, which fell quickly and easily.

To this day, the Boneyards of Perrin are a desolate place, haunted and shunned.  No settlement has replaced it and few are brave or foolish enough to enter it.  But at least four of Pherosian's Eyedols  have been recovered.

Now they are known merely as the Idols of Perrin.

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