Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cross Planes Turns 5 Today!

Cross Planes begins its 5th year today!

What a long, strange trip it has been.

For those that weren't around for my first post (don't feel bad, there weren't many), this is where the name of the blog comes from:

Cross Planes is my foray into the OSR and DnD in particular.  The title takes inspiration from 2 sources:

1.  Cross Plains, TX was the home of Robert E. Howard, of whom I am a huge fan.

2.  I have a huge fondness for cross genre stories and adventures; Nazis, Dinosaurs, Power Armor, Talking Apes, and Barbarians are all integral ingredients to making any story better...especially DnD.

Last year, I discussed some goals I had for the coming year:

I'm trying to stick to more thematic series these days like Primeval Thule, Elemental Evil and Tiefling Heritages and hope to keep pushing myself as a writer and game designer.
I think I have done this pretty well.

A goal of mine is to start a novella on here, but we'll see, I'm not sure I'm that brave yet.
No novella, sadly, but I keep thinking about it. As I've begun publishing micro-supplements, my main focus is to simply prioritized Cross Planes over anything else.

My next big project is to design a logo for the site, I'm still brainstorming what I want.
This is done and I'm happy with what my wife and I came up with.

One area I'm extremely proud of, is that I've managed to break 200 posts in two of the years on here and 300 posts on another year. Who knows, maybe I'll break 300 this year?
I'm very proud to say that I ended up breaking 500 posts and that I intend to break 300 this year, as well.

Either way, thank you for accompanying me on this journey. Hopefully, my fifth anniversary will be even bigger and better.
I'm very happy your reading what I'm writing. I deeply appreciate my extremely loyal Patrons for my Patreons too.  And I can't even put into words those of you who have bought my digital products.

My goals for the coming year? I can't say that I will achieve this, but I'm attempting to put out 52 micro-products this year. The DMsGuild.Com launched 13 weeks ago and I have published that many products with another launching Monday or Tuesday.
We'll see what happens, but its in my head.

Thank you again for taking time to read my blog!

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