Thursday, April 28, 2016

A to Z of Grave New World 2016: X is for Xanadu

Xanadu (often called "Xanadu Region", though this is not its official name) is a highly reflective area on the leading hemisphere of Saturn's moon Titan.

The feature was first identified in 1994 by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope at infrared wavelengths, and has recently been imaged in more detail by the Cassini space probe. Much of the  data and images have never been released and are classified.

In 1998, Carl Abner Wentbridge claimed that Xanadu was "one of the Great Old Ones that Lovecraft introduced to us" in his book, "The Gospel From Space".  Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast AM, inadvertently created grassroots support of Wentbridge after having him as a guest and getting into a heated discussion with the author. During the broadcast Wentbridge claimed to have been in telepathic contact with Xanadu.

In 2006, Wentbridge founded the Church of Xanadu in Century City, CA after gaining funding and very public support from Charlie Sheen.

In November 2015, Wentbridge, now calling himself the First Prophet of Xanadu announced that Sheen, who he had dubbed the Omnipope of the Church of Xanadu, would run for President of the United States as a member of the Cosmic Party.  Sheen publicly admitted that he has suffered from the HIV virus and that his faith in Xanadu had "cured him".

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