Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A to Z of Grave New World 2016: P is Pharaoh Bodine

Welcome to a Grave New World, where humans rub shoulder to shoulder with the monsters from folklore.

Pharaoh Zebediah Bodine, First Ruler of the American Dynasty and Scion of Horus-Ra established his faith in August of 1993 by using donations to run an infomercial on several major cable stations about his promise to the people of the 20th Century, especially to the Inhuman community. Since then, The American Dynasty has always had at least one infomercial on the air.

Pharaoh Bodine, was a poor werehawk, born in Memphis, TN who claims to be a direct descendant of Ra-Horakhty and tasked by Osiris, himself, to bring their faith to the people of America.  Earl Bodine, Zebediah or "Zeb's" father, was a traveling preacher for most of Zeb's childhood and ran afoul of the law on numerous occasions.

The Pharaoh claims that when he was fifteen, while sitting in a jail cell next to his father in Murfreesboro, TN that Ra-Horakhty came to him and revealed Zeb's lineage and purpose.

He soon parted ways with his father and by nineteen had formed the American Dynasty and proclaimed himself Pharaoh. Much of his converts were found amongst the poor and Inhuman populations of the deep south. Within two years, Bodine had solidified the tenets of his faith and began running his infomercials.

Growth of the Dynasty has been constant and steady over the last two decades.  Bodine and the Dynasty have been the subject of several investigation by the FBI, ATF, and IRS, all of whom have found no evidence of wrongdoing and benefited from the full cooperation of the Dynasty.

The Pharaoh has become intensely private since 2012, save for his broadcast services each thursday, in which he heavily laments the coming of "The Strife".  According to Bodine that is when the Dynasty's faithful will be sorely tested. While specific details about "The Strife" are few and far between, the media has begun paying close scrutiny to the construction of Heliopolis, a 25,000 square acre community and "living testament to the Gods" that Bodine broke ground on  eighteen months ago. Several media reports have indicated that Heliopolis is being built so that the American Dynasty can survive "The Strife" Bodine has been warning us about.

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