Thursday, May 8, 2014

Planar Changes

Having wrestled with the A to Z Challenge, I'm going to try my hand on some regular features each week, most of which have already started.

They will be:

Masters of the Universe Monday which has been resurrected (thank you Raphael Chandler!)

If its Tuesday it must be Jarlsburg (to keep adding to the pulse of the city).

New Comics Day, which will feature a new super being each entry (I cut my teeth on supers RPGs and currently I'm leaning toward using FASRIP, but I know Champions/HERO like the back of my hand and I might use a bit of Rotten Capes, Heroes Wear Masks, or Supers20).

Cross Planes Drifter, which will feature monster design (mostly of the D20 variety).

Prime Materials, which will feature magic item design (again mostly D20).

We will see where this takes me.
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