Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Fourth be with you!

First Happy Star Wars Day!

It's been a crazy few weeks and this was the first A to Z Blog Challenge that I really had trouble slogging through.  I feel bad, but toward the end I relied less on entries about Jarlsburg and more on magic items and monsters.

In my copious amounts of free time, I have begun reading the Sundering novels from WotC set in the Forgotten Realms.  I'm not a big reader of game fiction, but I'm really trying to prep the store for the DnD Next Launch and thought I'd try the Companions (the first novel out).

I'm not a huge R.A. Salvatore fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It focuses on Cati Brie, Regis, and Bruenor's attempt to help Drizz't out in his darkest hour.  The book features Cati, Regis and Bruenor and I really dug that.  I can't recommend it enough.

Then I read Paul S. Kemp's Godborn.  I'd never read Kemp before it its a well written yarn, though a tad bit long.  Again, I can't recommend it enough.

Last week was the Journey into Nyx Magic Prerelease and friday was the Nyx Release with saturday being Free Comic Book Day.  Those tasks are done and most of the stress is over.

More importantly though, my Little E turned the big One Oh.  Sadly, every year her birthday is overshadowed by FCBD, but we do our best to give her the spotlight.

Next saturday is the launch of Dead in Thay for DnD Encounters and I'll have at least 3 DM's running it each week.

I will say that I'm pretty stoked about DnD Next and I'm doing more with it.  At the moment I've running a few sessions of DnD Next mixed with ADnD 1E in a game set in Azeroth featuring the Horde, but that game very well will be replaced with Dead in Thay...or a DnD Next version of Rise of the Runelords.

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