Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Darkest Dungeons: Swine Chopper for Swords and Wizardry

During the Steam Sale this year, I picked up Darkest Dungeons, a Rogue-Like RPG that is pretty darn tough. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and when you finally succeed on a quest, I truly feel like I've accomplished something.

So I decided to stat up some adversaries:

SWINE CHOPPER for Swords and Wizardry

Hit Dice: 3
Armor Class: 7 [12] 
Attacks: Butcher Kife (1d6) or Ball and Chain (1d8)
Saving Throw: 12
Special: Bleed and Stun

Move: 6
Alignment: Chaos 

Challenge Level/XP: 5/240

   When a swine chopper rolls a natural 19-20 on it's attack roll with a ball and chain, the target is stunned and loses it's next turn. Additionally when it rolls a natural 18-20 with a butcher knife, the target takes 1 additional damage at the start of it's turn for 1d6 rounds.
   When not taking up its time honing its skills on butchering the dead and mangled flesh of its soon-to-be dinner, the Swine Chopper - an enemy that appears in the Warrens - will happily test its serrated and bloodied cleaver upon the bodies of naive adventurers, should they appear within its dark home. Of course, while being as slow and hulking as it is, it has with it a trusty ball-and-chain to make those tiresome chases end with simplistic and brain-splattering efficiency.

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