Saturday, December 17, 2016

Silent Legions: Men In Black

MEN IN BLACK for Silent Legions

AC: 7                                Move: 40'
HD: 4                                Morale: 12
Atks: wpn+4                     Dmg: won
Skill: +3                            Madness: None/1d4
Special: Resilient              Save: 12+

   Men In Black are resilient, making them remarkably hard to kill, being tougher and harder to hit than most creatures. They may keep fighting for 1d4 rounds after reaching zero hit points.
   Albert Bender revealed the Men in Black to the world, but they are not government agents, they manifested in his bedroom, late at night, amid an overpowering stench of brimstone. They had bright shining eyes and oozed menace. On top of that, Bender’s health was dramatically affected (in a bad way, I should stress) by his hat-wearing visitors of the night.(If you like this post and others like it and have an extra $1 a month, please consider becoming a Patron of Cross Planes on Patreon.)

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