Thursday, December 8, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: The Voice of Rage and Ruin

I see a bad moon a-rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin'
I see bad times today

Size 2 horrifying demon
Perception 12 (+2); truesight
Defense 14; Health 130
Strength 19 (+9)   Agility 14 (+4)   Intellect 12 (+2)   Will 18 (+8)

Immune damage from disease or poison; gaining Insanity; dazed,
   fatigued, frightened, immobilized, impaired, poisoned, slowed,
Spell Defense A demon takes half damage from spells. It makes 
   challenge rolls to resist attack spells with 1 boon, and creatures 
   attacking the demon with spells make their attack rolls with 1
Demonic Shadows Lit areas out to a number of yards equal to 1 + 
   the demon’s Size (round down) become shadows.
Claws (melee) +9 with 3 boons (3d6)
Bellow (long range) +4 with 3 boons (4d6 plus Cavernous Maw)
Cavernous Maw When the demon makes an attack with its bellow, 
   gets a 20 or higher on the attack roll, and beats the target number 
   by 5 or more, the demon can inhale the target if the demon does  
   not already have a creature swallowed and the target creature is 
   smaller than the demon. A swallowed creature is blinded,  
   deafened, and defenseless for as long as it remains inside the 
   demon. The target moves with the demon when it moves, and it 
   takes 1d6 damage at the end of each round. If the demon becomes 
  injured or incapacitated, it vomits out the swallowed creature, 
  which lands prone in an open space of the creature’s choice within  
  1 yard of the demon. 


Frenzied Attack The demon attacks two different targets with its 
   natural weapon, making each attack roll with 1 bane.
Possession When a creature goes mad as a result of the demon’s 
   horrifying trait, the demon can use a triggered action to make a 
   Will attack roll against the triggering creature’s Will. On a 
   success, the demon disappears and the creature becomes the 
   victim of demonic possession (Shadow, page 227).

Void Step The demon uses an action, or a triggered action on its 
   turn, to teleport to a space it can see within medium range. Roll a
   d6. On a 1, the demon must wait 1 minute before it can use Void 
   Step again.

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