Wednesday, December 21, 2016

ACKS: Beholder

BEHOLDER for Adventurer Conqueror King System

% In Lair:  70%
Dungeon Enc: Solitary (1)
Wilderness Enc: Solitary (1)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 0'
   Fly: 60' (20')
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: 1
Damage: Special
Save: W7
Morale: +1
Treasure Type: N
XP: 1,900

When a Beholder attacks with one of it's eyes roll a d12:
1: It casts charm person.
2: It casts charm monster.
3: It casts sleep
4: It casts telekinesis.
5: It casts flesh to stone.
6: It casts disintegrate.
7: It discharges a cone 60' long and 30' wide at the terminal end. 
    Any being within the cone will become fearful and flee for 30 
    rounds at running speed unless they succeed on a saving throw 
    versus Spells. 
8: It casts slow (reverse of haste).
9: It casts cause serious wounds (reverse of cure serious wounds).
10: It casts death spell.
11-12: It casts anti-magic shell.

A Beholder is an aberration comprising a floating spheroid body with a large fanged mouth and single eye on the front and many flexible eyestalks on the top. Their eyes each possess a different magical ability; the main eye projects an anti-magical cone, and the other eyes use different spell-like abilities (disintegrate objects, transmute flesh to stone, cause sleep, slow the motion of objects or beings, charm monsters, charm humans, cause death, induce fear, levitate objects, and inflict serious wounds). Many variant beholder species exist, such as "observers", "spectators", "eyes of the deep", "elder orbs", "hive mothers", and "death tyrants". A beholder casts spells as a 7th level Wizard or Cleric. Finally, a beholder can ignore any spell or spell-like effect with a Magic Resistance throw of 5+.

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