Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thor's Day: Grendel for 13th Age

Grendel is some sort of unknown, abstract spirit that possesses or infects different individuals, and even societies, over time. There has been some discussion over what exactly the core character of this spirit of Grendel is, for the people it has infected have had fairly different personalities and have acted in seemingly very different ways. They may be crime lords, avenging mothers, madmen, emperors, mages, and protective warriors--not much seems to link them together. Grendel is often characterized as evil, or the devil, but that is not exactly it, or at least that is not all of it.


"He is a fiend!  A vile spawn that thrives in spite of the Gods' hatred of him.  Bring me his head!"

-Katarina Malifaux-Rhyme, Duchess of St. Cuthbert

Large 12th level wrecker [CONSTRUCT] 
Initiative: +9

Aggro:  Grendel uses the escalation die

Slayer +17 vs. AC - 180 damage
     Natural 16+: Grendel can make a double-bladed staff attack
     Miss: 20 damage

[Special trigger] Double-Bladed Staff +17 vs. AC — 180  damage

Spines +15 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies) -  80 damage

Menace +18 vs. MD - The target loses the benefit of the escalation
     Natural Even Roll: The target becomes vulnerable until the end
                                    of their next turn.

Nastier Specials
Laser Sword: Slayer gains, Natural Even Roll: the target becomes stunned until the end of their next turn.

Shooter: Slayer can be a ranged attack and gains, Natural Odd Roll: the target becomes hampered until the end of their next turn.

AC 28

PD  22               HP 720

MD 26

Fear Threshold: 120 Hit Points

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