Sunday, October 25, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Reaper Cultists for 13th Age

Fourteen years ago, Hogarth of Thorrn, arrived in the Duchy and too up as an apprentice cobbler for Hrolf Blickerson of Newhom.  Hrolf passed five years ago and Hogarth took up his shingle as cobbler.

Hogarth has used his time well in the Duchy as a shaman for Tharoth the Reaper, an avatar of Nerull.  He has recruited the misunderstood, the maligned, and the malcontents of the Duchy into a cult that has become well positioned in Newhom and nearby Brighten.

Hogarth has shaped his followers into eager agents, who to outward appearances, have overcome their strangeness and become essential members of both villages.

The group meets to celebrate Tharoth four times a year and for many years were content to merely offer the Reaper livestock.  But as Tharoth has blessed them, they have offered dwarven and elven offerings for the last two years.  Hogarth is cautious about drawing undo attention to his cult, having strict orders to avoid human offerings.

Recently, the Reaper has directed Hogarth to begin searching for the Barrow of the Dust Lord, a murderous sorcerer who was burnt by the citizens of Brighten over a century ago for necromancy.  The cult has been told that the location of the Dust Lord's spellbook is etched on the Dust Lord's bones.


"We must assume they are entrenched and have been.  They know too much and they cannot find the Barrow before we do."

-Mastermage Viola Puten, Head Mistress of the Hexenschule.

3rd level [HUMAN] 
Initiative: +2

C: Reap +8 vs. PD - 10 damage
     Natural Even Roll: 10 additional damage
     Natural 16+: 10 additional damage that stacks

R: Death Magic vs. MD - 10 damage
     Natural 16+: The target is vulnerable.

Nastier Specials
Scythe Wielder: Reap gains, Miss: 5 damage.

Cleric of Tharoth: Death Magic gains, Natural Odd Roll: the target takes ongoing damage equal to the escalation die.

AC 19

PD  13               HP 45

MD 17

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