Monday, October 19, 2015

Aeon: Hawser for Fantasy AGE


Abilities (Focuses)
4 Accuracy (Tendril)

-2 Communication 

3 Constitution (Stamina)

-1 Dexterity

4 Fighting (Bite)

-2 Intelligence 

1 Perception (Seeing)

3 Strength (Climbing, Might)

2 Willpower


     Speed          Health           Defense          Armor Rating
       10                 55                    8                         7


Weapon               Attack Roll          Damage 

Bite                               +6                    3d6   
Tendril                          +6                    1d6
Special Qualities Favored Stunts: Defensive Stance (2 SP), Disarm (2 SP), Dual Strike (4 SP), Knock Prone (2 SP), Lethal Blow (5 SP), , Mighty Blow (2 SP), Petrifying Gaze (2 SP), Pierce Armor (2 SP), Rope (2 SP)*, Skirmish (1 SP).

Armored Hide: The hawser's hide provides a natural Armor Rating of 7. 

Darkvision: The hawser can see perfectly in total darkness.  

Rope stunt: For 2 SP on a successful tendril attack, a hawser can grab the target (or targets if using the Dual Strike stunt) who becomes restrained and can only attempt to escape as their action.  To escape the character must spend their major action trying to succeed on an opposed Strength (Might) check versus the hawser.  If the character generates 3 SP, they may make an attack against the hawser.

Threat: Moderate

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