Friday, October 30, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Nightcomers for the Cypher System

The Queen of Ether and Gloaming has always been fearfully respected by the citizens of Exeter and on the nearby moors.  But in the last decade, the Queen has grown her Coven of Nightcomers to a ghastly 12 and she is looking for her 13th member among the young women of the city's elite.


Motive: To server their dark mistress
Environment: Exeter and the surrounding moors
Health: 18
Damage Inflicted: 6
Armor: 1
Movement: Short
Modifications: Esoteries 7, History 7, Intellect defense 7, Speed defense 5, Stealth 7

Combat: Hags who serve the Queen of Ether and Gloaming.
Black Magician: They have 3 random cyphers.
Evil Eye: If his target rolls a 1-2 on its defense roll, the target's Intellect Edge is reduced by 1 (minimum of 0).
The Craft: They inflict 3 damage that ignores armor.
Use: The daughter of a prominent family is being recruited by the Queen of Ether and Gloaming to join her worshippers as a nightcomer and the characters have been hired to fend them off.
Loot: A dead nightcomer has 1 cypher.

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