Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kausing Problems

While I've slipped a bit each week on the A to Z Blog Challenge, it's mostly been due to a "life getting in the way" issue and not any kind of block.  Until today.  Until "K".  

I mapped out the subject of each day's letter back in March and while it has deviated here or there, it's been a good road map for my posts.  K was originally for Krent D'Midnight, an idiotic tiefling scoundrel based extensively off Snidely Whiplash, but while I loved roleplaying him as an NPC, he just didn't feel like the right subject for this blogfest.

So then K was going to be for Kilne, Saint of Annihilation.  Except I really don't have that whole backstory worked out and it is fairly convoluted, connecting numerous NPC's the Ironcloak players had encountered over the course of the game.  Something, I'd like one day to play out.

So K is now about a sword.  Actually THE sword that started my game.  The adversaries those first three PC's faced were a legion of fey clones (which became the Brotherhood of Bones and Teeth) and
a sentient vorpal sword that could teleport, Karnifex (who became the leader of the Brotherhood's opposite number, the Sindycate).

So it worked out, but it was a longer day than I anticipated.

The payoff came when I dusted off the stats for the Pathfinder version of the blade.  It was from 2012.  Sometime I forget how old this blog is, sometimes I forget to take a moment and appreciate fruits of my efforts.  I have a friend who just got into blogging and I remember feeling the same way about it as he does now.  Everything is fresh and cool, there is no limit.  I don't write about that, but I still feel that way when life gets out of my way.

Thanks for reading!

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