Thursday, April 10, 2014

A to Z Challenge: I is for Ironcloaks

The Ironcloaks is the common term used to describe Jarlsburg's Watch, the men and women who patrol the city and deal with mundane crime.

The name comes from the dull grey cloaks each is given upon their acceptance into the Watch which is surprisingly rugged and offers protection from weapons, the cold and even the occasional spell.
(In DnD terms it grants a base AC of 12 for Ascending or 8 for Descending and +2 to one Saving Throw per day).  Rumors persist that the cloaks are made by a dragon who lives on High Street.

The Ironcloaks are not given a great deal of respect and our often the last to know about the numerous machinations that control the city, but are fairly effective, having proven themselves time and again.

The highest rank one can achieve in the Ironcloaks is Watch Commander.  Lady Selena Higgs-Boson currently holds the position.  Selena is a decorated knight who served in Jarlsburg's Nerium Legion for twelve years, before taking as Captain of the 9th Precinct in Elder.  She has moved up the ranks due to her diligence and no-nonese attitude.

She served under Commissioner Tank Malta in the Legion and respects his leardership skills.  As Commissioner he oversees both the Watch and the Inquisition (which is in charge of the arcane crimes within the city).

Being an Ironcloak is not a glamorous or easy job, but Jarslburg has been lucky to have them as their first line of defense.

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