Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Y is for Yeti the North Quarter

Jarlsburg is a medieval fantasy city of my creation that is the location of the Pathfinder and DnD Next games I have run in the past.  This A to Z is my effort to better introduce others to the locale and continue to flesh it out while the game is on hiatus.

The sprawling metropolis of Jarlsburg is split into four quarters with Yeti being the northern most.
Yeti is dominated by Quagmire, the worst ghetto in the city.  Vices of every kind can be purchased there, quite often from the Rickenbacher Cartel.  The Rickenbacher's have ruled Quagmire for more than a century and the Cartel is currently led by the twins Yuma and Yolanda.  They took over running the Cartel's operations when the Lunar Council executed their father, Lars, for trafficking in ghosts for drug use.  Since then, the Cartel has not only obeyed the Lunar Council's bylaws, but also developed a very strong relationship with the group.

The reason that Quagmire is so corrupt is that it has zero Watch presence, due to an extremely old treaty with the Lunar Council.  While Silvercloaks have free reign over the neighborhood, no other members of the Watch may set foot on official business without permission from the Prime Minister, herself.

This treaty was rewarded to the Lunar Council almost two centuries ago, when they were instrumental at repelling an army of drow from Xi'Nuln who were attempting to invade the city.

In turn, the Lunar Council handed over the running of all mortal vices to the Richenbacher Cartel.

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