Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Z is for Zorceries (For OSRIC)

Zorceries: The legendary Archmage, Zen Zao Zing, collected her 
thoughts, research, and musings on magic for several centuries before her disappearance eighteen years ago.

While many nefarious personalities have claimed responsibility for Zing's demise, the truth is far more ridiculous.  The Archmage was playing in a poker game with Boccob, Mordenkainen, Kord, and Murlynd and lost badly to Boccob.  To repay his debt he agreed that he could be imprisoned by the god and manage to free himself within a century.

And so, Zing has been imprisoned within Zorceries and placed on the shelf of Marj's Pages at 37 High Street in Jarlsburg, waiting to be discovered.

Anyone who reads Zorceries for a full week has a 13% chance of freeing Zen Zao Zing from it's pages. Continued reading gives them a 13% each week.

If Zen Zao Zing is freed he grants one Wish to the reader, though it is limited by his Neutral Good alignment.

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