Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Marrowgilt Ravings

Nine years ago, on Marrowgilt the longest night of the year, a collection of writings were discovered while renovating a section of Dribble in Gibbons.  A worker and a Ironcloak lost their life while trying to recover the pamphlets, leading the Watch to callein Lord Karol Sonar, High Inquisitor Lot, and Juliett Manila to investigate the strange notes.  Together, the three were able to overcome the wards put in place to protect the writings, which were then quickly secreted away for further study.

The Marrowgilt Ravings, as they have become known, are said to be almost incoherent writings on the nature of the multiverse, mortals and the dooms that waits both just outside of our collective perception.  Most scholars who claim to have studied the work are convinced they are merely the work of a demoniac who either stumbled upon the deathward that protected them when his sanity shattered or had been an accomplished magic-user before madness gripped his mind.

What's known and what's true are very different things though.

First, only Lord Sonar, Lot, Manila  Prime Minister Malifaux and the Lunar Council have peered at the Ravings.  Second, Lord Sonar, who willingly accepted the task, is the only one in the last nine years to thoroughly study the writings and was forced to stop when another ward in the writings turned him into a raven and he has been unable to undo the curse.  And finally, before the polymorph spell overcame him, Sonar realized that the Marrowgilt Ravings were a series of wholly accurate predictions for the future of Jarlsburg, and the future wasn't very bright.

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