Saturday, April 12, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Juliett Manila's School for the Curious and Talented

In Robilar, the western Quarter of Jarlsburg, at 17 Quaker Street, is a manor house that has been home to one of the finest schools of arcane magic, on the entire continent, for over a century.

Juliett Manila is a half-elven sorceress (11th Level) and wizard (7th Level) who once adventured with the likes of Khem the Thunderer, Zygurat of Pith and the Archmage, Zen Zao Zing.

When she retired from her adventuring days she moved into the Quaker Street home, which she'd aquired during the Lionbat Affair.   Due to boredom, she soon took on an apprentice who turned out to be the infamous Shakti Van Zant, the Haunting Hexer of Hamarabi!

Between Juliett's own accomplishments and the exploits of Shakti, apprentices began to seek her out.
And two decades after Shakti left Manila's home, the School for the Curious and Talented officially opened it's doors.

What has set it apart from other places of magical learning like the Hexenchule, the Royal Arcanum at Puq , and the Culling Hut is that Juliett will take both young wizards and sorcerers into her school.  In fact, if the student is willing to do the work and they are of a sorcerous bloodline, Manila will tutor them in the ways of wizardry in addition to honing their natural gifts.

Juliett herself, does her very best to stay out of the machinations of the city, but will aid Minister Sonar, if he asks (they were in a relationship when he was younger).

The School for the Curious and Talented only has one permanent full-time instructor in Juliett, but the Headmistress has contacts with arcanists and researchers from numerous planes of existence who are always willing to lend her a hand at instruction.

Truth be told, you never know who or what you will find behind the closed doors of the School for the Curious and Talented.

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