Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mightiest Issue 6

The Avengers of Earth 926:

Iron Man
The Beast
The Thing
Loki, God of Mischief
Invisible Woman
Black Widow and Hawkeye are searching for James Rhodes.
Thor returned to his project with Dr. Henry Pym after returning from the Antarctic.

The Avengers stand face to face with Kree Sentry units in the Antarctic base, code named Zero.
Already, Thor and Wolverine are down, caught off guard by the Sentries.
(I began the session in media res).

The base has been mostly below the ice, with 3 communication spires reaching into the sky.  Melting from an unknown source, had exposed a portion of the base, and the team charged in.

Strong first strikes were taken by Colossus and Thing and 2 of the 3 units were badly impaired.  The battle twisted and turned until finally a female kree officer, identifying herself as Lieutenant Zola-Ged called her Sentries to halt and asked the Avengers why they were here.

Information about the base and it's location on a Hydra database was shared and the group found out Lt. Zola-Ged was cultural anthropologist of low importance, which suited her goals just find.  She was glad she'd happened to be at the base performing maintenance and backing up data or the Avengers presence could have resulted in an interplanetary war.  The team also learned that the United Nations knew of the base and that it had limited diplomatic relations with the Kree Empire.

Zola took the team to her computer lab, where she had a kree Minor Intelligence at her disposal, which also ran the base when it was unmanned.  The Minor Intellgience was an extension of the kree's Supreme Intelligence and sat in a vat of green liquid with tentacles from it's head interfacing with data
ports set into the vat.  Iron Man offered to share the data they'd retrieved and she began downloading it the MI, which began to scream and the liquid in the vat turned a crimson red.  Moments later the whole consoled exploded, destroying Zola-Ged and the MI.

Stunned, the team only had moments before the entire facility began to shudder and shake and JARVIS alerted them that a tectonic anomaly was forming below the base.  Loki teleported to safety and Invisible Woman used a Force Bubble to lift the team out safely.

They watched in silence as some type of rift has formed and was pulling the base into it's depths.  Within minutes the base was gone and the rift shut.  The only thing left was oppressive feeling of death all around the area.

Nick Fury immediately asked for an update for their situation and was extremely angry at their reports.  He called them home and informed them their punishment would be attending a gala party at the Massachusetts Academy serving as both a fund raiser for an expansion to the school and for gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Rachel Horton.

Back at the base the team began trying to look for ties between the 3 bases and who might be manipulating them.  Brainstorming and data mining led them to realize that all 3 bases had alien connections, after learning that technology used on Moses Magnum's yacht was shi'ar, in origin.

The team was ushered to the party in a Stark Industries Helicopter and warmly greeted by Emma Frost.
Everyone that was anyone was in attendance and politicians, the wealthy, entertainers, and sports legends bump elbows.  

Colossus found Bobby Drake and began to catch up;  Logan caught the attention of an attractive bald woman then went inside and sought refuge in the Library and then harassed some students; Spider-Man helped by beating those students at Call of Duty;  The Thing tried to keep a low profile.

Loki, however, went inside the school and found an empty bedroom and performed a mystic ritual to contact the Other and question him about what was happening.  The Other informed him that Tessaract in SHIELD custody was becoming less and less important as a corporation on Earth, Advanced Idea Mechanics, was close to finishing another.  The Other warned Loki of keeping the Avengers out of that situation and belittled the asgardian.

Loki's communion ended just as Logan, tracking his teammate, used his claw to break the lock on the room.  Both men began to chat, when a teddy bear on the bed turned into a 14 year old girl and began harassing them, leading Logan to destroy her phone and both men to flee into the hall where Spider-Man was waiting.

As the trio went back outside, the bald woman found Wolverine and introduced herself as Heather Douglas, CTO of Carnifex and gave the mutant her card, explaining she could use his skills in her business.

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