Friday, June 22, 2012

Mightiest Issue 5

The Avengers of Earth 926:
Iron Man
The Beast
The Thing
Loki, God of Mischief
Thor, God of Thunder
Black Widow and Hawkeye are searching for James Rhodes.
Colossus took some time to check in with old contacts to search for Kitty Pryde.

• Wolverine and Loki rallied against Magneto and began to take their toll on the Master of Magnetism.  In a berserker rage, Logan cut off Magneto's left arm and Thor smashed through the roof and caved in Magneto's skull.

•  In the X-Mansion's basement, Iron Man arrived to help Beast, Thing and Colossus move the Red Hulk or Warhulk back into the containment room.

•  The Avengers regrouped and filled Iron Man and Thor in on what was happening with the Red Hulk and to calm Logan down.  JARVIS informed them that Magneto was, in fact, an advanced Clone Model Decoy with extensive bionic augmentation.

•  The Beast brings up satellite imagery of the Las Vegas Hydra base they retrieved from the HERBIE robot and the team plans an outing to investigate.  The base, known as the Hole, is approximately 10 miles outside Vegas, in the Nevada desert.  It appears as a self-storage complex and scans show only 4 life signatures, 1 in the trailer by the front gate, and 3 others, over 100 feet below ground.

•  Thor smashes through the ground into the underground portion of the base with Wolverine riding him and Loki not far behind.  They find a cloaked man staring at a three dimensional image of the Tessaract and 2 identical red apelike aliens.  The cloaked mystery man orders the twin aliens to "Attack them and prove your worth to the Overmaster!"  Thor identifies twins as aliens of the roclite species and knows that they have exceptional abilities that get stronger closer the get.  The room is filled with many advanced computers, equipment, and weapons.  And in the corner farthest from the being wearing a cloak is a table with another image of the Tessaract.

•  As the roclite brothers brawl with Logan, Loki and Thor, the mystery man hurries down a side corridor.  Quickly Iron Man, the Beast and the Thing join the fray.  The aliens are identified as Krys and Kros--the Blood Brothers and are known as intergalactic mercenaries.  The battle is fierce and Thor is knocked unconscious by a strange blood draining power of Krys, while Kros throws Wolverine onto a strange looking machine that scans him while dazed.  Meanwhile, the Thing hurries after the cloaked mystery man down the corridor, but JARVIS alerts Tony Stark to the launch of a UFO from the complex and it's use of the same warp technology that the Chitari used when they invaded New York.

•  Loki is downed by a combined blow from the Blood Brothers and another machine in the room comes to life and produces a clone of Wolverine, who promptly attacks Iron Man.  The real Logan charges at his clone and the battle rages on.  The Beast grabs an energy rifle and targets the twin Logans, but blasts the wrong one.  Finally, the Thing realizes that he wasn't quick enough to catch the mystery man and rejoins the battle.

•  Teamwork overcomes the Blood Brothers and the group calls in SHIELD.  Iron Man orders JARVIS to download and analyze the complex's database.  The group investigates the rest of the facility and finds 2 additional floors filled with storage and a final floor that powers the whole thing.  They also discover a total of 4 bedrooms.

•  After handing the complex over to SHIELD, the Avengers head back home and try to figure out how the base they've just raided is related to Hydra.  They're certain there is something they've overlooked and feel that they're being manipulated in some way.  They decide to further monitor the Argentina and Antarctica bases, but make a strike agains the Nova Scotia base.  Its known as Leviathan and is a Super Yacht.

•  The raid goes very smoothly, while there are close to 50 security guards, none are super powered and  surrender quickly.  The team learns that the Leviathan is owned by Moses Magnum, a high profile radical and wealthy son of Malcom and Mariah Magnum, founder of Magnum Pharmatech and an award winning actress turned producer, respectively.  

•  Moses has gained a strong following among militant youth and has "organized" them to bring the people to the governments of the west.  He has been tweeting plans of a massive military strike by his followers on government buildings in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, China, and South Korea for several months.  He had also leaked information to major media outlets about his plans to unleash a Tectonic bomb on the world that he'd developed while Chief Financial Officer of Advanced Idea Mechanics.  

•The Avengers find the Tectonic bomb equipment, but learn from SHIELD that Moses is in London "partying".  They also find half-finished plan to unleash the Tectonic bomb and assault government property on June 1st, now over 2 weeks past.  SHIELD informs the team that their intelligence shows that Moses is far more interested in grabbing headlines and partying than actual terrorism.   While his yacht and the equipment are taken into SHIELD custody and Moses' security team detained, Col. Fury is doubtful that Magnum will actually be found guilty of anything but being "being a spoiled jackass".

•  Once again the Avengers feel like they're being manipulated.

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