Friday, June 1, 2012

The Gathering Session 7

•  While the Gatherers rested in the holy circle, Martin wearily stayed outside until convinced it was safe.   Nova heard something and stepped outside and toward the entrance of a cave.  He saw a the silhouette of a being standing over 10' tall with 2 arms, 2 tentacles and cloven feet.  The being telepathically greeted Nova and asked him to call his companions closer to them.

•  Nova called for help and Draco was the first on outside of the circle.  The shadowy stranger hit the  dragonborn with Acerack's Ray of Death, and nearly killed Draco.  The remainder of the group raced into battle and the stranger attacked them with his tentacles and spells each round.  Martin fled from the battle early on, but once again his conscious called him back.  Barracus charged the stranger and had his sword ripped away and was flung backward nearly 15'!  Finally the stranger stepped into the light, wielding Barracus' phyrexium blade.

• At once Barracus new that, somehow, this stranger was himself from the future.  Variel and Martin noticed this as well, and Lord Wintresh was very close to killing Barracus, believing it would destroy the Future Barracus, but stayed his own hand.  Variel invoked a purifying ritual and unleashed it upon the smith.

•  The Gatherers then woke from their shared dream, bruised, but not injured.  They now new how dangerous their comrades plight was and hurriedly began searching for his amulet.  Draco found it, cracked and Link found the missing piece.  Variel used the mithril shrine and prayers to Corellon to mend the amulet.  It was transformed, whole, into a wood and vine.  Now, only Variel could remove it from the smith, as well.

•  Martin noticed the pearl directed them into the icy water and Variel cast Water Breathing on the group.  They found a cave at the bottom of the pool and it led them upward and into a huge, hidden vault.  200' feeet ahead, on a rocky shore, a drow greeted "Lord Barracus" and beackoned them to forward.  He welcomed them to the drow city of Shoal'Barrac and identified himself as Kel, a servant of House Bar'Konyx and explained that Barracus' arrival had been prophesied.  He even showed the smith the statue build, in his honor.  He took meet his Mistress, Lady Sela'Za and her Seneschal and mate, Rin.  They welcomed to the city with a great party, in their honor.  They learned that Lady Zela'Za had been paralyzed nearly a decade earlier and heir mate, Rin truly ran the house.

•  In private, Rin explained that Barracus was known as the Lightbringer and that it was foretold he  would lead this city back to the surfaces and be instrumental in returning Araushnee, the Spider Queen, back to the Seldarine.  Rin offered to get them access to his rival, House Levin'Bar, who the Janissary was bartering the kuo-toa eggs in exchange for ancient map from their House vaults.  Rin is willing to help them recover the eggs, because it will weaken House Levin'Xar's prominence in Shoal'Barac.  He is asking that the Gatherers take his daughter, Mina with them, as she has not interest is serving as a priestess.  The Seneschal explains that his house still venerates the Elder Elemental God and that when their rivals, the Levin'Bar embraced Arushnee, it gave them favor with the citizens and that usurped prominance, almost 200 years ago.  Rin holds no affinity for the Elder Elemental God, but knows it would merely weaken his House's status by switching.

•  The Gatherers decide to rest up for the mission ahead and Barracus asks for a forge to create a new sword.

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