Monday, June 18, 2012

D&D Next: Salt Drake

Salt Drake
Evil Large beast
Initiative +4
AC 16
HP 110
Str 15 (+2)     Dex 18 (+4)    
Con 16 (+3)    Int 10 (+0)        
Wis 16 (+6)     Cha 7 (-2)
Space/Reach 10 feet/20 feet
Speed 120 feet
Melee Attack claws +4/+4 (2d4+2 slashing/
2d4+2 slashing) and bite +5 (1d6+2 piercing)
Special Traits resistance to ice damage; vulnerable to fire damage
XP 475

    Resistance salt drakes have ice damage halved against them.
    Vulnerability salt drakes have fire damage doubled against them.
    Combat:  Salt drakes are very intelligent and are very good at observation and complex tasks.  Their bodies are very fluid and they can move quickly and can strike at surprising distance with their claws.  They prefer to avoid direct combat and prefer to ambush their prey.
     Habitat and Socity:  Salt drakes are created through a magical ritual generally practiced by Cults of Nilat the Corrupter.  The process requires a goose egg and close to 3 years of foul ceremonies.  Salt drakes are easily trained, but prefer to their independence.  They are the smartest of the drakes and do not give up on a task.
    Legend and Lore:  The bones of salt drakes are actually salt and there is a large diamond found on their skull.  The sage, Korwin of Nuln believes the diamond is the source of their phenomenal intellect. The diamond is known to be widely sought for several powerful divination spells.

DnD Next is copyright Wizards of the Coast.  This a fan work and not a challenge to their copyright in any way.

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