Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Gathering Session 9

The Cast:
Variel, Elven Priest of Corellon Larethian
Link, Elven Fighter
Draco, Dragonborn Rogue
Tesla, Tellurian Rogue
Jacob the Rooster, Halfling Cleric of Markus

•  The Ebon Handed Janissary's agent, Rolf had recovered Jacob's body from the ruins of the monolith where he had blown the mysterious horn, and brought the cleric to his master.  A slim pulse remained, but Jacob's eyes were burned out.  It was only the Salubri's Eye that had orbited him, that now allowed him to see.  The Janissary questioned him, but no information about the Gatherers were gleamed.

•  Upon defeating Variel, Link, Draco, and Tesla, the Janissary's agents reunited the group with the Rooster at an oupost provided by House Levin'Xar.  All five slowly awoke to find themselves seated in chairs, in a fungi lit room, their hounds bound by spider silk, their feet chained to the floor and their mouths gagged.  A single drow guard set close by, reading from some tome, and all 3 xenos were gathered in the room with them.  They filled the damp, dim room with the smell of rotten fish and burning hair.  Upon seeing that all of them were finally awake, the drow guard excused herself and the Ebon Handed Janissary limped into their company.  A heavy cloak obscured his features and he brandished a shadowy staff that exuded a strange aura.  He questioned them about why the followed him and seems disappointed to learn it was to recover the Kuo-Toa eggs.  He lost interest and quickly left them and called for two of his xenos to follow.

•  As the drow guard returned to her post, Link was able to break his bonds and Tesla used his mental powers to subdue her.  Some quick thinking allowed the group to be freed and Variel was able to frighten the remaining xeno with prayers to Corallon.  A swift battle, left a single drow guard surrendering to them.  He was willing to escort them out of the outpost, since his House had no quarrel with the group, as the Janissary's goals were not shared by his House.

•  The guard escorted them a short way into the wild underdark and wished them luck on their endeavors.  The group brainstormed on possible plans and decided to confront the Levin'Xar matron with the Janissary's plan to raise Crosis the Purger.

•  The group had no resistance gaining entrance to House Levin'Xar since they were already known as the Lightbringers retinue and after a long wait, gained a meeting with Matron Keela'Vor.  She was shocked to learn of the Ebon Handed Janissary's plan for the map she'd bartered and offered them access to a similar, but older map in her House's vault.  She proved willing turn over the eggs as well, but wanted an endorsement of the Lightbringer and a future favor.  Both parties agreed to the terms and a quick treaty was formed.

•  Variel used a ritual to teleport the group back to A'Yanna and return her people's eggs, as they'd promised.  Variel's careful wording of the ritual allowed his magic to pull Barracus and Martin with them.  The group was shocked to see the smith's "condition" cured and Martin seemed set on staying with A'Yanna.  They began preparing for to hunt the Jannisary.

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