Friday, June 4, 2021

Worlds Without Number: Gustavus Windsmasher, King of the Storm Giants


Gustavus Windsmasher, King of the Storm Giants

 for Worlds Without Number

HD: 9
AC: 2
Atk: +9 x2

Dmg: 3d6+4
Shock: 7/-
Move: 60' flight
ML: 11
Instinct: 3
Skill: +3

Save: 10+

"Storm giants make their homes among the Iron Peaks, living in clans formed over a millennia ago. Their King, Gustavus, began showing signs of dementia two-hundred years. His son is heartbroken over his father's illness and refuses to ascend to King, spending more and more of the revenue paid in taxes for someone...anyone to find a cure for him. Gustavus is guarded continually by his most loyal warriors from the Sky-Whale clan within Heaven's Gate, the tallest of the Iron Peaks, where he is guarded by the Sky-Whale clan. However, there is a faction of worshippers of Thane, the Titan God, amongst the storm giants, known as the Cleansing Reign. They claim that the world has been overridden by sin and filth, and only their King can end the world's suffering by cleansing it of the Small Folk, Ogres, Dragons and anyone who isn't a giant."
-- The Sagacious Sojourns of Sargoo the Sapient

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