Monday, June 7, 2021

Marvel Monday: Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man

While Gobound is spectacular as an option for a game like Exalted I believe it could work just as well for a Super Hero game so here is Peter Parker, the first Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, as a 3rd Level Godbound.

Spider-Man Level 3 for Godbound

Abilities       Score   (Modifier)  [Check]
Strength          19        (+4)           [2+]
Dexterity        18         (+3)           [3+]
Constitution   13         (+1)           [8+] 
Wisdom           8         (-1)            [13+]
Intelligence    18         (+3)           [3+]
Charisma        13         (+1)           [8+]

Saving Throws
Hardiness   9
Evasion      10
Spirit          12

Facts (+4)
Face It Tiger You Just Hit the Jackpot
J. Jonah Jameson Will Be the Death of Me
Marvelous Team-Ups
Physics Major at Empire State University
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

    Corona of Fury (Smite Action) [Web Shooters]
    Effort of the Word for Alacrity (Constant)
    Effort of the Word for Might (Constant)
   All Directions As One (Constant)
   Swifter Than The Sun (On Turn)
   Untouchable (Instant)
   Walk Between The Rain (Constant)
    A Word Far Off (Action)
    Surge of Strength (Instant)

Light armor AC 3 [Spider-Sense]
Light weapon +6; 1d6+3, Fray 1d8 [Enhanced Strength]

Hit Points     19

Effort            7

Influence      4

A Friendlier Neighborhood


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