Thursday, June 24, 2021

Worlds Without Number: Kelek the Cruel



 for Worlds Without Number

HD: 7
AC: 11 
Atk: +1

Dmg: 1d4 + 2 (+1 dagger) / 
1d6 + 4 (Staff of Striking 12 charges)
Shock: 1d4 + 2
Move: 30'
ML: 9
Instinct: 2
Skill: +4

Save: 10+
Effort: 6

Kelek has a Wand of Cold with 5 charges, the target of the wand must make an Evasion Saving throw or take 3d8 damage.

Kelek practices High Magic and can cast up to 4th level Spells, may cast 4 Spells per day, has 8 Spells prepared, and has gained 5 Arts.

• Arts Arcane Lexicon; Counter Magic; Iron Resolution; 
Retain Sorcery

• 1st Level Spells The Coruscating Coffin
• 2nd Level Spells Mantle of Disjecting Dissection
• 3rd Level Spells Adpot the Simulacalor Visage; Phobic Storm; 
The Howl of Light
• 4th Level Spells Calculation of the Phantasmal Eidolon; Disjunctive Temporal Reversion; Evert the Inwardness

"A long time ago, Kelek and Ringlerun were adventuring partners. They discovered the Heartstone, which brought Kelek's hidden flaws to the surface, making Kelek power-hungry and evil. The two became enemies. Kelek sought to become the High Wizard of his magic school; he took on Skylla as his partner, and Zargash as his advisor.”

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