Monday, June 7, 2021

Hail to the King: Leviathan for Godbound


Jack Kirby's Leviathan from Devil Dinosaur #4

 for Godbound Free Edition

HD: 20
AC: 5
Atk: +10 x5

Dmg: 2d4 Straight
Move: 60' flight
Morale: 10
Save: 7+
Effort: 6

Dragon; Fire; Might 

Leviathan Powers
• Ever-Evolving (Instant). Commit Effort for the scene. The Levithan gains resistance to the last type of damage it has suffered.

Kaiju (Constant). The monster is always able to pick up anything smaller than a large building and punch through, smash, or break loose any non-magical substance as a free part of their movement or other actions. This might is quickly deployed, but not finely controlled enough to help damage rolls or other attacks.

No Avail (On Turn). Commit Effort for the scene. An attack is automatically successful and does maximum damage. 

Vaporize (On Turn). Commit Effort. It breathes a firestorm at its foes as a magical weapon with a 200-foot cone and 1d6 straight damage. Individual victims killed are reduced to mere ash on the wind and cannot be revived in any way.

• Seize (On Turn). Commit Effort for the day. The monster attempts to control a victim requiring them to make a Spirit saving throw and gains control of their actions. A new save is allowed each round.

"Where among the dwellers of the Valley is the creature who hasn't sensed the coming of the dreaded Leviathans? Where is the place of shelter that can hide one from the "time of no scape?!" Cry to no avail! Run to no avail!
For all that we see around us shall slide into a giant's belly and be seen no more!
--Primitive doomsday text, origin unknown

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