Sunday, June 27, 2021

Legion of the Super-Heroes: Durlans Origin for Stars Without Number


They are natural metamorphs that are able to act like the person or animal they have morphed into. They are able to alter their vocal cords to sound like anyone but are limited to their own personal knowledge of their language and speech pasterns. 

A durlan can shape its own physical form as a Main Action, transforming into any humanoid form within 50% of its own mass. Claws and other body armaments can be fashioned equivalent to Light or Medium melee weapons and innate armor equivalent to AC 13. Gills and other environmental-survival alterations, as well as flight, are also viable at the GM’s discretion.

A person can be impersonated down to the DNA level, provided a blood or hair sample is available. 

Durlans have an Effort score of 1 which is used to fuel their shapeshifting. Shapeshifting requires the durlan to commit Effort for as long as they maintain that form.

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