Sunday, February 10, 2019

Deadlands Session 4

Coffin Rock's' Dr. Orlando was strangely absent an unaccounted for as the town came together after the defeat of Parson Cheval.

The Posse checked out his office and found several freshly skinned corpses and a bloody dress form. It appeared he'd skinned some victims to make a flesh suit and fled.

Doc Lightning used her Weird Science to make a skinwalker detector and the various townsfolk were interviewed for information.

Meanwhile, Plays With Fire sought the advice fo spirits, where he encountered a strange and ominous woman with golden eyes who advised him they would need silver bullets to kill what Orland had become. When he questioned why she would help him, she admitted that she hoped to turn him toward her darkness. After that he went outside of town and communed with the earth spirit, Tacheene. The earth spirit was in far better shape since being rescued and was able to sense Orlando's corruption.

At the same time, the rest of the Posse had procured some silver from miners and had some bullets made.

By the time they met up it was early evening and they were hunting in the canyon just outside of town. They came upon Orlando, his bloody form easy to see in the cloudless sky. He summoned some coyotes, but the battle was over fairly quickly and the Posse was victorious.

They returned to town and were welcomed with drink and excitement.

In the morning, Pearl Daily, the new Mayor asked them to stay on to help the town, but hey turned her down.

They headed to Kansas for the reward for Archer and his Out of Control gang.

On the train, we used the Interlude rules to find out more about each character. Doc Lightning has a beloved cat back east; Shady had a sad story about his father; The Reverend admitted to finding his calling and swaying the likes of 2000 souls; Shorty revealed that he came West and lost his wife and kids; Plays With Fire admitted to a fascination to technology, but his loyalty to the Old Ways keeps him from pursuing it.

They got to Kansas and got their reward. They contemplated various jobs and settled on heading to Tombstone, AZ to help Doc Holiday and the Earps.

The trip to Tombstone was eventful, though the were uncomfortable going about town unarmed.

They came across the Earps in the Oriental Saloon, who were pursuing Ike Clanton and Tom McLaury armed in town and headed out to deal with them.

A drunken youngblood named Bixler Tate started cussing and causing a ruckus. He picked a fight with the Posse and a bar brawl commenced. The Posse came out on the winning end and they noticed Tate wore a red bandana which connected him to the Cowboy gang. The Posse decided to tie him up to wait for the Earps to return.

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