Saturday, February 2, 2019

Deadlands Session 3 and the Final Chapter of Coffin Rock

The Posse had entered a rift, created by the elemental Tacheene, to stop the evil Parson Cheval from his nefarious plan. However, still weakened by his capture and ordeal, Tacheene's magic delivered themoutside the church that Cheval and his cult were holed up in.

Landing on their bottoms, the Posse experienced a blood-red moon, a howling wind, and evil, alien chanting coming from within the church. Plays With Fire used his brawn to break down the locked door and Triple J uses his rifle to blow the head clean off of Parson Cheval as he intoned his evil spell and a black rift was forming in the air in front of his pulpit.

The Parson's followers, tainted beyond redemption and maddened by his death, attacked while the Parson's lady love, Olive, took his place intoning the spell.

Fire, gatling guns, pistols, and longarms mowed down the evil cultists and even shot down Olive before she could finish the spell.  As the battle ebbed, he shadowy rift as it wavered in the air, with the smell of brimstone wafting out.

The Posse's Preacher attempted to use his faith to close it and had some small success. This led Doc Lightning, the Posse's weird scientist to investigate it too. Sadly, he paranoia and irrational curiosity took over (she rolled snake eyes) and she jury-rigged a device to expand the rift and a demon, straight out of Hell, strode forth from it before it finally closed.

While the monster put up a fight, it was soon taken down by science and faith working in unison and the Posse, believing the church was tainted beyond repair, burnt the building down to its foundations.

The only thing left was the O'Malley Bible from Sweetwater, AZ.

As the building burned, the Preacher began an epic sermon to the gathering townsfolk. The Posse had rooted out a festering evil and killed a spawn of Hell, it was time to repent. Repent!

He preached all through the night and well past dawn. The whole town joined in and found redemption, even the soiled doves who's turned cannibal at the Jewel. A true Revival formed and most of the town found God and sought redemption.

At 9am, the Posse decided they weren't going to stick around once they fulfilled their bounty against Mayhem Archer and his Out of Control gang and gathered several business owners and the Mayor to decide if the lone surviving deputy of Marshal Bryce's was worthy of taking over the position.

While, the group was meeting with this new city council, Mayhem Archer and his gang, hearing the Marshal was dead, rode into the middle of town and was shooting it up and looking to take it over.

The gunfight was short and soon the Posse had taken the bounties on the now dead Archer and his whole gang. 

Soon after, Shelly Pearl and her gang rode into town, also hearing of Bryce's death. However, Shelly Pearl Daily, the town's founder's daughter, meant no harm and her gang of abused wives and daughters weren't looking for anything but justice now that the Marshal was dead.

The council met with the Posse, Shelly, and acting Marshal Lilith Hightower, who had been baptized by the Preacher the previous night. She also revealed that Bryce had gotten hold of John Daily's lost deeds and handed them over to Shelly. This led to Lilith getting the job of Marshal, Pearl becoming the new Mayor, and her gang becoming the new deputies.

Marshal Hightower then signed off on the handbills for Mayhem and his gang, allowing them to depart to Kansas to collect their just rewards.

The Posse has some irons in the fire though. Will they return the O'Malley Bible to it's rightful owners? Will they head to Tombstone to help Doc Holiday? Is a cattle drive in their future? We'll just have to wait and see.

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