Wednesday, November 27, 2013

9th World: Type

Types, as in Numenera, are Glaive, Nano, and Jack.

The point of this project is not to create a "laundry list" of examples, so if it feels like it can apply ask the GM.  And if the GM is unsure, let the player use half their total, rounded down.  This applies to all the Types.

A Glaive is a warrior and soldier.  Any action that involves combat, tactics, awareness, gaining initiative, and intimidation will gain your Glaive total to the roll.  The Glaive rating (do not add your Rank again) is also added to the damage of any unarmed or weapon attack and to the damage of any Focus that involves weapons or skill.

A Nano is a essentially a magic-user, though that magic can come from manipulating ambient nanotechnology, ancient thaumtology, psionics or whatever.  Any action that involves studying the arcane, using "magic", or sensing the supernatural.  The Nano rating (do not add your Rank again) is also added to the damage of a player's Focus or "spell" cast.

A Jack is a "jack of all trades".  This project impacts the Jack the most, so to compensate for the lack of acquiring new skills, I am currently allowing the Jack Type to be used for all skill rolls, unless the player's Focus or Type is higher.  Hopefully it will be the right solution, but we'll see.  I am contemplating adding your Jack rating (do not add your Rank again) to your Effort pool, but at this time it's optional.

Again any feedback is appreciated!

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