Tuesday, November 5, 2013

13th Age: Elemental Clergy

Elemental Clergy

Demoniac servitors of the Elder Evil Eye, the Clergy enforce the putrescent reign of their Lord and Master.  The Clergy completely obey the Eye with both vicious zeal and depraved devotion.  Moving about their territory, stalking their subjects while clad in leaden black robes.  The overwhelming scent of ammonia alerts their victims to their approach and to certain doom if they are unfortunate to be chosen for the Clergy's inhuman rites.

5th level wrecker
Initiative: +2

R: Elemental Curse  +10 vs. AC —20 fire damage.
     Natural even hit: 5 ongoing damage.
    Natural 16+: Target is vulnerable until the end of the Clerygman's next turn.

C: Quake  +10 vs. PD (up to 2 nearby enemies)—Targets are stunned until the end of the Clergyman's next turn.

Elemental Aura: Whenever a creature attacking the Clergyman rolls a natural 1-5, that creature takes 2d8 damage.

Nastier Specials
Flight:  Clergyman are generally fast but not very maneuverable.

AC  21
PD  15                              HP 72
MD 19

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