Monday, March 18, 2013

Top Ten Movie Countdown BlogFest

10. Planet of the Apes (Original) Apes ruling a post-apocalytic landscape.  Damn, dirty apes at that!

9.  True Lies - Probably my favorite all time spy movie.  Great performances from everyone.

8. Star Wars It was the beginning of the road for me for comics and rpg's.

7. Terminator 2 The right mix of film for that period of my life.  

6. Sky High A super fun movie that I enjoy with my kids whenever it's on.

5. Aliens - Cameron's masterpiece.  Game over, man.

4. Big Trouble in Little China A Mystical, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Kung Fu, Monster, Ghost Story!

3. John Carter - It got SO many things right, I even understand why it was simply titled John Carter.

2. Avengers (2012) This is the best comic book I've read in over a decade.

1. Empire Strikes Back - Leia: "I love you."    Han: "I know."


Mark Means said...

All great ones but...did you ever see Navy Seals??

Cross Planes said...


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