Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sellswords of Darkness: Tweaking Storyteller

It's been over a decade since I've played (Rob H.'s Vampire: the Masquerade) or run (Aberrant) the Storyteller system.

There are some things about versions of it I remember hating (1's cancel Successes depending on version) and things I think could be problematic for what I'm trying to do (Health Track).

So standard TN is 6.  If a task is harder you need more Successes.

1's DO NOT cancel Successes, and you only botch if you have more 1's on your roll than Successes.

10's count as 2 Successes.

I've decided to alter the Health Track so it works like FATE.  If I get hit for 3 points of damage I fill in box 3.  If I get hit for 3 again, I fill in box 4 (it "pushes" damage to the next highest open box).

Soak will be half your Stamina plus Armor.  No rolling Soak.

Damage will be half the value listed plus Successes.  So, if I have a Dagger that does 1+Str (3) then I do 4 divided by 2 or 2 points of Damage plus Success.  I've always felt that Storyteller and D6, as presented, have too much dice rolling.  If I'm rolling a pool of dice for Task resolution, I shouldn't also have to roll damage and then my opponent roll Soak.  And then Storyteller adds various types of damage to track, as well.

So, no difference in Aggravated, Lethal or Bashing damage.  It's all the same and it can kill you.

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