Sunday, August 8, 2021

Star Wars: Zabrak Origin for Stars Without Number


Zabrak Species COMPLETE Breakdown (Iridonian & Dathomirian) - YouTube

They were a species of near-humans that had evolved to be tough due to the nature of their homeworld Iridonia. The species was carnivorous and had two hearts, which allowed them to pump oxygenated blood around their systems more quickly than other species meaning they could go faster for longer. Some Zabraks possessed a ring of small, vestigial horns that ran from high on their brow round to the back of their head. The horns of males were generally more developed than those of females, although horn placement, length, and thickness varied enormously across the species. Zabraks could be Force-sensitive. 

Level 1
A Zabrak gains a +1 bonus to their Constitution modifier, up to a maximum of +3 and Sneak or Survive as a bonus skill.

Level 2
They gain Cast Magic or Sunblade as a bonus skill and they can split their Move action, such as taking part of it before using their Main Action and the rest afterwards

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