Sunday, August 1, 2021

RPGaDAY 2021 Day 1 Scenerio


I think of "modules" or "adventures", published ones that for years I avoided. As a young Dungeon Master, I had plenty of ideas and while it all wasn't improvised I'd generally have a loose framework of where I'd like to get to each session. It's funny to look back on your youth and to think "it was so much easier back then", except it wasn't. I had problems then too, just different ones. Nostalgia is a buxom mistress.

Aside from published adventures the word also reminds me of the Greatest American Hero TV show, which I was a huge fan of. If my memory is accurate Robert Culp's FBI agent Bill Maxwell used the word quite a bit. I always loved new words, one of the many great things about comic books, and my Dad bought us this HUGE Webster's Dictionary that had to weigh 6 pounds. I'd pour through it looking up words to use for the Super Heroes I'd create. It even had a large section in the back with species of flora and fauna, constellations, and other cool stuff. That whole section was in full color.

Anyway, I kept hearing Maxwell use that word and I had to look it up...or at least I remember it that way.

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